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PostSubject: EOG LEAGUE RULES   Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:20 am

1.Respect all owners, players,and commissioners
2.Don't trash the site
3.All Players must be ready for game time
4.Don't join other teams parties just to bother them
5Do not message other leagues and trash them either we are here to build a well maintained and a well established league to have fun and play hockey
6.You are all expected to be adults when it comes to your language do not harass or threaten anyone in the league do not swear at other players owners or commissioners
7.More information on blacklist will be in the blacklist portion of the rules and regulations but if you get blacklisted for whatever reason please contact a commissioner immediately for more details
8.Trade tampering will not be allowed you are not allowed to contact another player or owner and work out a trade the only members of each team that may discuss trades is owners and management only
9.Stat padding is a huge NO! Do not pad your stats to make yourself look better enter stats in correctly at all times double check your stats if you are unsure about something
10.Do not post inappropriate posts on the website
11.Do not bash other players on the site in game or on your jerseys
12.Quitting games early is not allowed
13.Intentionally throwing a game is grounds for immediate blacklist and NO RETURN !
14.Not showing up to games is not allowed unless your owner or manager is contacted remember it takes less than 2 minutes to message a manager or owner and say you can't make it
15.Stats must be in every night
16.Contact a commissioner if you have any questions or concerns about the league
17.There will not be aloud more than 2 commissioners on 1 team
18.If you step down from ownership you are allowed to appoint a new owner (upon league approval)
19.Management that are released by an owner may be put back into the FA pool (upon league approval) but will not be allowed to be management for the rest of the season if you are released as management near the end of the season there will be a 1 season ban from management which means you can not manage or own a team the following season
20.If a team is caught stat padding the owner and management will be banned for the rest of the season as well as next season
21.There will be a 4 team max per season which means if you want to play but don't want to play for your team you can ask for a release and put back in the FA pool and have the chance to be bidded on for another team but it will be your second team once you reach 4 teams that's it you have to finish out the season with that team if you get released after you have been on your 4th team you will have to sit the rest of the season out
22.When playing league you must have the league name in your team name for example if you are the Toronto maple leafs your team name on. EASHL should be EOG Toronto Maple Leafs you must wear the same colours as the team you are representing  
Games times are 9 and 10 pm Sunday-Thursday with a 15 minute grace period
23. Starting salaries for new players is 2 mil
24. Each team get 5 league challenges a season
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